Natural Bug Off Spray 250ml

$25 - Available in stock

The Alkeme Natural Bugs Off Spray is Queensland’s best natural bug repellent.

It is made, tried and tested in the Far North Tropics of QLD, where the climate and its little critters are harsh.

Some of our best customers are fishermen in the mangroves, who swear by our stuff! Its a fast acting overall mosquito and sandfly repellent, free from DEET and other harsh chemicals.

The spray works to create a natural barrier to combat sandflies and repels mozzies by scent and the natural properties of essential oils. It can also be used as a surface repellent, at home and on your travels as its smart design means it will not leak.

It is safe for the whole family, we recommend spraying the area only for babies under 6 months. ie the cot, curtains, giving bugs space for their little immune systems to grow.

A blend of potent oils to protect skin against bites and infections, all natural, features Australian Ingredients, supporting Aussie supply chains and local traders.

Packaged in a family friendly 250ml bottle made from PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) Plastic, which means we are doing our part in cleaning up the massive excess of waste plastic by reusing and recycling what we have already consumed as a country. we also offer a 50ml travel size or tester and a 1ltr refill option.

The easy to use, lockable trigger spray means you can cover a large area with just 1-2 pumps, giving you great protection all round.

The label is printed using soy inks.


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