Natural Sun Screening Balm 60ml

$30 - Available in stock

A completely natural and chemical free way to protect skin against the sun’s rays.

Utilizing powerful non nano zinc oxide combined with the naturally SPF occurring coconut oil, beeswax, Shea butter, almond oil, olive oil and raspberry oil. A rich and easy glide balm to guard, protect and keep skin from burning. High vibration, resonant product for a cleaner future and body. Family Friendly and suits sensitive skin.

Reapply after sweating or swimming and remember to stay smart about our precious sun (vitamin D). Pick a shady spot, wear a hat and long sleeves and swim outside of the peak sunny times of day.

Trust nature and your body, while natural alkeme of our sun screen will support you in a cleaner, greener lifestyle.

An added bonus - this won’t harm or kill our reefs either! Happy planet, Eco and Earth Friendly.

And as always please do your own research when it comes to choosing ANY product. There is plenty of information available these days to support us in making our own discerned choices, so choose wisely and be informed.

Note this is not a TGA approved product and therefore we cannot make an official claim on what SPF rating this product has. But each individual ingredient has its own SPF rating and is readily referenced online, with Zinc Oxide as one of the highest ratings available.

We have raised our little family on this product and trust its efficacy. Along with many independent trials we make it available based on this experience and feedback.


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